Vapopax Waste

Our waste and recycling division is our most exciting project to date. In all our years in construction, sustainable environment management has always been a critical part of our business operations. It was therefore natural for us to diversify into this industry. All of us in the company saw recycling and waste as a way for us to be more than just profit, but “be who we say we are”. Everyone in the company contributed to the conceptualization and development of this business unit and are today shareholders in the overall success of VAPOPAX WASTE MANAGEMENT.

We offer the following service

  1. Wholistic waste management for mines, corporate offices, retail centers, state owned entities, schools and medical entities.
  2. Recycling solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. (Most people don’t know there is money is daily waste. “WE CALL IT MATLAKALA GOLD”)
  3. Consulting services on optimizing waste to create company and client value, “plus the earth will thank you.”
  4. Training intervention (accredited because we don’t take short cuts) in the workplace and our communities on how to create value in waste (make money obviously) but also create sustainable businesses that future generations can benefit and thank us for.